So, what is the Funletz Story?

Who would ever be clever enough… brave enough… business-minded enough to develop a way to allow people to showcase the things they love AND use simple clothing (the aglet and the zipper) as marketing tools? Zak would! After years of looking for the best way to express his individuality, Zak found it in the most innocuous of places…but first…

Zak was your typical boy next door spending summers of his youth at camp chasing frogs and daydreaming. Little did he know that those care-free hours were the first spark of genius necessary to become the entrepreneur he wanted to be.    

Later, in his teens, when – like every other teen – he was frittering away time, lying in bed, thinking. As his eyes focused forward into the closet, he saw his collection of hoodies amassed from years of birthdays, holidays, and family vacations around the country. He stared at his collection, and his eyes focused on the aglets (the little plastic ends of the drawstrings). They caught a glimpse of plastic sparkle from the bare bulb illuminating his fashion. His eyes stopped on the sweatshirt he wore at the camps many summers ago… the one he wore in his evening frogging expeditions. The sweatshirt… the frogs… the glittering plastic aglet…it was Zak’s lighting in a bottle!   

At the family Thanksgiving dinner, Zak shared his idea with family and friends with excitement and confidence. With his nearest and dearest bandying ideas, his amazingly new business concept was born. Zak’s little sister brashly yelled out, “but my sweatshirt only has a zipper,” and with the snap of a finger, the Ziplet was born!  

It will not be long before everyone can proudly display their favorite teams, animals, logos and other collectibles, dangling from something that took savvy, acumen, and a mind like Zak’s to create!